Through my Eyes: About the Author

DSCN0936Rebekah Hair is a regular contributor to the Lumberton Outpost, and the manager of this page. Focusing on Christianity and moral imperatives, she has memorized many Bible verses and is an active participant in the Bible Bee. Her writing has a definite fantasy theme to it, including dragons, fairies, mermaids and monsters. Rebekah is also an accomplished cartoonist; she authors a strip entitled Good Dog, detailing the lives of her dogs Tanner and Clara; but her favorite thing to do is create new and amazing worlds. She began writing for the outpost in 2013.

She enjoys writing fantasy fiction, graphic novels, and the columns that are published right here at the Outpost.

Brownie Doggos is the mayor of Brownietown and a profound cynic. He won the AnimBrownie Profileal Olympics but was forced to go into hiding because of a scandal involving the Cream-Cheese imports of Baby-Brownie Town. He enjoys How to Train your Dragon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and anything that involves fighting and a story. Every once in a while, he will write a guest post to offset Rebekah’s gentler stories, or that is, whenever he isn’t fighting his arch nemesis, Shep. Don’t let his softness fool you: Brownie often leads his armies to victory in the Animal Wars


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